Can One Read Code like a Book? Can one simply read code out of interest and fun? Can one read code simply to delve into that author’s thought process, not for any producible result, but only to admire and learn something from it?

  1. Health, because from it everything else is possible, from work to enjoyment. Nothing would be possible without good health. If you cannot go for a walk because of some physical ailment, you would not be able to enjoy such a simple activity that we often take for granted. If you have endless backpain, you would not be able to sit a desk to code. I know artists who I greatly admire say that they needed to stop drawing and painting because of an overuse injury.
  2. Mental well-being. Everything depends on a having a healthy state of mind. Happiness, joy, and fulfillment are psychological states. You cannot experience those feelings without a healthy mindset. That means reducing stress, anxiety, negativity, and anything else that leads to an unhealthy mental state.

From those two foundations, come the energy to work and achieve other external successes.

Above is a great link with info. Some things I want to summarize:

  1. The async keyword in front of a function RETURNS another function. That returned function is an asyncFunction Object, which is simply another type of function. It is as if you are passing that function as an argument…

I love visual art. Especially browsing it online. So I thought it would great to build a image browser whose UI was simple and navigation flow is reduced to a quick single page app.

The first step was to set up a Ruby on Rails back-end. I used Active Model…

Example of Object.assign vs spread operator syntax:

let dog = {id: 1, name: 'scooby', color: 'brown', age: 4};let olderDog = Object.assign({}, dog, {age: dog.age + 1})let newerDog = {, age: dog.age + 1}

Here are the important differences between them


  • Exports variables and functions by their names, hence they are called ‘named exports.’
  • The corresponding import must reference those names.
  • The import names are enclosed within { }.
  • Can have multiple named exports.

export default

  • Exports only one object per file.
  • Can export anonymous functions.
  • The corresponding import does not reference the name, but rather allows you to set a name for it.

Building on my previous Rails project, I added JavaScript to dynamically render elements onto my web page. Rails serves as the server API, which receives requests in the form of XMLHttpRequest, or AJAX. Unlike regular HTTP requests, AJAX does not require a page refresh.

There is next/previous game feature, which…

Tao Liu

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